This new Form of Marketing has made Video Marketing Obsolete

There’s a new marketing technique that’s thrown Video Marketing off the top spot in the world of Digital Marketing – it’s Live Video Marketing!

Till yesterday, we were going gaga over video marketing and today – such is the beauty of digital marketing – we are telling you there’s something much better out there!

Live Video Streaming isn’t a brand new concept – it’s been around for more than a decade now.

Think Livestream or Twitch – they’re all old companies that have provided live-streaming services for a long, long time!

What’s changed now is how brands are utilizing live-streaming to gain followers.

Rules of the Video Game

In 2015, we saw around 44% of executives live-streaming some event or other (source: Adweek).

Considering that this tech has been around for ages, what changed?

Why have brands started moving towards Live Streaming?

The answer is, surprisingly, Facebook!

That’s right – despite all the live-streaming platforms that have existed for decades, it was Facebook Live that had to bring about the revolution.

Facebook is the largest distributor of news content today and with its social-connect angle, it has become the central location for live video to take root.

There are, however, a lot of things that can go wrong with Live Video Streaming.

  • You could have technical problems
  • Slip of tongue is a major issue
  • Wardrobe malfunctions??? They always make it to YouTube!

There’s a lot more that can go wrong because, well, things never go as planned.

For example: Facebook and BuzzFeed were telecasting a live video interview of US President Barack Obama. Only 2-minutes of video was captured due to some issue on the tech-side of things.

18,000-viewers is all that stream got.

Compare that to some of the live-streaming of online games that takes place – over 200,000 people watch Chinese DOTA2 players streaming their public games live on Twitch.

Lad Bible got over 6-million views for melting popsicle sticks!

Thing is: Brands need to learn to go with the flow; roll with the punches – and that is a very hard skill to master!

Then Why is Live Streaming Popular?

Here’s the deal: If you are good at Live Streaming, you can form an unbeatable connection with the viewer!

If your stream has personality, character and entertainment – even with technical issues – it’s all “good live-streaming!

In fact, live streaming has been seen to hold viewers for three-times longer than pre-recorded video (source: Smart Insights)!

It all comes down to how you present your Live Stream – handle it well and you’ll have a fan following that no YouTube channel can match.

Do it badly, and it will be a disaster – much like any other form of digital marketing.

Making your Live Stream Effective

If you’re ready to make the leap into Live-Streaming, then here are some things that could help make your stream interesting.

  1. Focus on Events: It’s best to stream when something worth watching (or entertaining) is happening. It’s all about giving people are reason to come online and watch you and whether it’s a rock concert or just a couple of guys sitting and talking about a major event – make sure you have something worth your viewer’s while
  2. Maintain a Flow: It’s not about trying to eliminate errors on the stream – they will happen – it’s about continuing the stream and making the unexpected a part of your program. Take a leaf out of the old Top Gear programs – with the original trio – anything that went wrong would make the final cut because it’s just that entertaining to see bloopers within the actual program!
  3. Create a Connection: The worst thing any Live-Stream can do is make things mechanical. You have to be entertaining! Give people a reason to watch and there’s nothing better than giving them a bunch of characters they can understand and appreciate.
  4. Be Regular: There’s nothing worse than putting on a great show, once! If you are onto a cool idea, then you need to make sure it is sustainable. Put more effort into creating a regular Live-Stream than in making the first one unbeatable. Slowly building your way up to a larger audience is always better than trying to get them all on Day One, and having no follow up. Remember the “Golden-Egg laying Goose” story?
  5. Find Partners: There are a lot of people hosting Live-Streams and this is no time to think of your own benefit above others. Sometimes, great content can be found by connecting with other influencers and finding common ground to work on. Their followers might find your stream interesting and yours might find theirs worth watching. Essentially, you can grow together so there’s no reason to be selfish here.

You never know what is spectacular or what will work – sometimes, a fixed camera on an eagle’s nest somewhere up in the mountains can draw more spectators than an industry event.

It’s all about finding out what your customers want and giving it to them – Live!

Can you make the change?

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