The Best and Quickest way to 10,000 Likes on Facebook

It’s the ultimate dream of any marketer – to watch their brand-page grow and blossom with thousands and thousands of Facebook Likes.

It’s the most common phenomenon on social media – brands are looking for more Likes than their competitors – almost as an affirmation of their market position.

Likes have almost become a measure of a company’s worth in the eye of the layman.

And it’s understandable – who wouldn’t want to wake up every day and see a 100,000 likes on their Facebook page?

We know we would – but the real question is, what would you be willing to do to get them?

Are you willing to buy them?

Or are you willing to hire an agency that buys them?

The Truth about Lies

Every time you see an advertisement about getting “5,000 Likes” or “10,000 Likes”, you need to start by thinking about the science behind this.

It’s not impossible for a brand to get 5k or 10k Likes, but to buy them is something different.

“Likes” are – largely – a replacement for the word “Followers”!

People who Like your page are also likely to see updates from your pages.

It is natural that you would like to get 5K or 10K or more Likes as soon as possible.

But, are these real people who like your page? And does it even matter if they are?

Truth is, these schemes (or scams) are essentially getting your page liked by fake accounts or bot accounts.

There are four basic techniques that these people/agencies use to get you Likes.

  1. Click Farms: where real people are paid to “Like” pages
  2. Fake Accounts: Accounts of fictitious people created specifically to Like pages
  3. Malware Compromised Accounts: Where people click on/download malware that forces their actual Facebook account to Like certain pages
  4. Worm Compromised Accounts: Where user accounts have been hacked without the person’s knowledge

Since most people care about the number of Likes only, these individuals or agencies get away having “justified” the money that was spent.

It’s only when your business goes crashing or when you’re humiliated in front of a potential investor do you realise that there are a lot more things you need to pay attention to.

Fake Likes bring Fake Success

The problem with fake accounts liking your page is that when you it comes to your daily posts or campaigns, engagement levels remain low.

None of these fake accounts are interested in your page after liking it.

It’s like a black hole – whether a planet goes into it (daily updates) or a star (short term campaign) or a full-fledged solar system (long term campaigns), and nothing comes out at the other end.

It is completely pointless!

The other issue with fake Likes is that Facebook doesn’t like them.

You see, EdgeRank is Facebook’s way of understanding how important your page is – it does not do so on the basis of the Likes you get, but on the basis of the engagement on your page.

If you have 50-Likes and all those people are commenting on, liking and sharing all your posts, you will have a higher EdgeRank than if you had 5,000-likes and had only one or two comments, Likes or Shares per post.

Essentially, engagement determines EdgeRank and inactive users or bots do not produce engagement.

That also means that your posts will reach fewer people and, therefore, the chances of your brand name spreading exponentially are fewer.

The other aspect is credibility – think about how you would feel if you went to a particular Facebook page that had a million Likes, but only saw 2 or 3 people commenting on their posts?

Look at the average engagement % that Nike or Red Bull have and compare it with your own.

Focus on what your Business REALLY Needs

It’s not about how many Likes you have, but what you do with them that Facebook cares about.

The more engagement you have on your page, the more visibility your page gets.

The more fake Likes you have on page, the less engagement you have – and therefore, the less visibility you get – simple logic!

Page Likes offer you some real value but only if they connect with your business objectives.

If your business objective is to bring in click-through traffic to your website, then your Likes can help put your content in front of your audience – increasing the chances of getting click-throughs.

More importantly, your Likes tell you a lot about your business and your target audience.

They are not the ultimate objective because – in reality – Likes don’t really add any money to your bank.

You can, however, exploit those Likes if you (or your agency) know what you are doing.

To start off, you could start ignoring those emails or ads about “instant 5K-Likes” and start focusing on putting more value into your content.

The Likes will come – believe us!

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