Social Media has given Videos a New Lease of Life

2016-17 is going to be the year of the video and there’s a whole bunch of things brewing under the hood.

We’ve already covered what’s happening on some platforms in some of our other articles, but wait, there’s more!

With over 50% of all mobile traffic focused on watching videos (source: Business2Community), there is a need to make the most of this amazing format.

While creating quality videos can take some practice, it is undoubtedly the way to go if you want your business and brand to gain quality visibility.

Every single day, 55% of all people watch videos (source: Groupon Works UK) and for B2B brands, the fact that 75% of all senior executives watch videos related to their work is just another reason to get onto this bandwagon. (source: Forbes)

If you are interested in getting into the video and becoming a part of the massive 1200% extra shares that it gets on social media, as compared to text or images (source: Brightcove), then here are some of the latest updates from the world of videos.

YouTube’s Live Streaming goes Mobile

Until now, there was a restriction on YouTube Live – you could not stream live videos on your mobile phone.

Bandwidth and device restrictions simply made the whole process frustrating.

However, the launch of live streaming on the mobile app will ensure that viewers get all the same features as regular videos.

You will be able to search for them, check out recommendations and even protect your videos if required.

More YouTube Support for Creators

If you are creating videos for your YouTube channel, there are three new features that you can add to your list of video-making aids.

  • First, YouTube is widening its 1-on-1 support service so if you’re a video creator who’s also part of the Partner Program, then you can get email-support from a real person – no bots allowed!
  • Second, the Creator Hub has undergone a face-lift. This is where you, the video maker, has all the resources you need to create top-quality videos and now, you have a new interface that’s available in 23-different languages
  • Finally, there’s a multi-level benefits program that allows you, the creator, to grow your channel with benefits that are provided as and when you need them. At every subscriber-milestone, you’ll unlock new features on your Creator Hub – Gamification to lure your interest

Facebook removes Embedded Links in Native Video

If you have been using Facebook’s embedded links as a call-to-action, you’ll have to come up with another solution because Facebook has stopped it!

The change came through without any notice from Facebook themselves – it was first observed by people at the BBC.

You can still add a link within the text at the top or bottom of the video, but this will not be visible in full-screen mode.

Live Videos are now… well… Live on Tumblr

Finally, Tumblr provides the ability to publish live videos and place them right on your followers’ dashboard.

Whether you’re using YouNow, Kanvas, Upclose or YouTube, you can post live videos on Tumblr.

You can re-blog these video posts much like you can with any other Tumblr posts.

You can also view them later, whenever you want.

Finally, if any of your followers go live, you’ll know! That’s same for those who follow your brand – no one will miss any live video action that comes online!

Get the most out of your video marketing strategy by staying tuned to the latest social media platform updates.

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