Part Two: The Right Pop-Up – Lead Generation

If you’re coming here after reading the first part of this article on Driving Sales through Pop-ups, then you are ready for the second-level.

If not, we recommend that you read Part One: The Right Pop-Up – Driving Sales first.

As the title reads, this article is about using pop-ups at the right time and place to generate leads.

Sales is vital, but you can sell something only when you know who’s buying!

This is not only an important first step in the sales process, it is also the most ignored step in the entire sales cycle.

Most brands make an assumption that everyone coming to their website is a potential customer!

The result is that most of the website design-focus and feature-focus is on selling, and not enough attention goes to cultivating a visitor into a potential customer.

Pop-ups can be a great way of introducing a simple feature that can help you generate leads without changing the overall nature of your website.

Here’s are three pop-up strategies that you can use to generate leads through your website.

Newsletter Signup

A lot of visitors to your website may be coming there because they are interested in what you have to say or have said.

However, public-memory is fleeting and to remain in their eye-line, you need them to give you permission to bug them where they’re always present – their mailbox!

The newsletter is a piece of content that you deliver to someone’s mailbox simply because they have been interested in content you’ve produced earlier.

If someone likes what you’ve created once, chances of them liking the next thing are also pretty good.

If someone likes most of what you’ve created, they will definitely want to stay updated on the latest.

So make sure you get people to sign-up for your newsletter as that gives you another sales route too!

Target: Organically generated Traffic, New Visitors

When and Where: Blog, video or podcast pages, any other pages that have dynamic content

Free Giveaways, Discounts or Contests

Nothing sells like discounts… and if you’re just asked to give away your contact details in exchange for a money-discount or free giveaway, it sounds like a good exchange, right?

One of the most popular lead-generation tactics, any company that offers free stuff, organizes a contest or simply offers a discount knows that customers will part with their contact details quite easily.

Whether someone’s trying to download a whitepaper, read an article, watch a video, enter a contest or simply get a discount – every single moment is an opportunity for you to take your visitor’s contact information in exchange for what they are after.

If they really value what you are giving them, they will convert themselves into Leads without hesitation.

Target: Almost everyone, Inorganic Traffic, Campaign-led traffic

When and Where: On product pages, on pages with downloadable content, before watching videos, on live-streaming content, etc.

Gain Social Media Following

Newsletters come to a mailbox but the one place where people go on their own is to their social media accounts.

There’s nothing more important than having people follow you on social media because once they do, they can see what you are doing.

Your social media updates, and we hope you are into that kind of thing, will come up on their wall – not as advertisements, but alongside posts from their family and friends.

While the pop-up itself isn’t bringing you their personal information, like First Name, Last Name, etc. it is giving you access to their social media accounts which in turn gets you that info, and more.

Think of it as a different kind of newsletter, the kinds that you can send out 15-times a day – as long as you make sure your updates are interesting, otherwise its just as easy to get un-followed!

Target: Regular visitors, new visitors and existing/returning customers – so almost everyone

When and Where: Thank you pages (post-sale completion), downloadable content pages and regular content pages

As mentioned earlier, a large part of website design focus is on offering sales-worthy content and features.

Your analytics data will give you a clear idea of how many people actually end up buying something from you following a website visit.

Getting their personal information not only helps you add them to your sales pipeline, it gives you the means to customize your content to each individual prospect.

Still wondering whether you need Lead Generation or not?

Imagine going to a brick and mortar store, buying something and getting personalized treatment from the staff throughout the process.

Feels special, doesn’t it?

Now imagine going to that brick and mortar store, NOT buying anything but still getting that same special treatment – how would that feel?

In the final part of this three-part article series, we will look at how you can use pop-ups to get something out of those who are leaving your website.

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