Paid Media

In the world of Paid Media and online advertising, channel-knowledge plays a massive role in determining ROI. The success or failure of paid campaigns relies heavily on channel-specific details.

Our Paid Media department specializes in media planning and buying, while relying heavily on reporting and analytics to ensure you get maximum bang for your buck!

Our Approach

We treat paid media and online advertising a bit like “day-trading” on the stock market. Like day-trading, paid media also involves placing money on a particular asset. Just like day-trading, that asset’s performance may align with your expectations or go against them.

Our constant monitoring allows us to ensure that any creative assets that do not perform as expected are immediately replaced or removed to prevent loss of marketing budget.

By combining our channel knowledge with our creative team and constant monitoring, we ensure that your advertising budget is used optimally throughout the campaign.

And there’s the additional benefit of using Paid Media to drive search engine optimization for your digital brand – we do that too!