Live Events

Participating at live events, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions can be resource intensive to the point where your approach might become one-dimensional. In a bid to prepare for an event, you might overlook the pre-event, at-event and post-event buzz that digital marketing support can create.

At Blue Krill, we believe that you should focus your energies on putting your best foot forward at events and allow us to provide the digital marketing support your brand requires.

Whether it is to tell potential clients where to find you, highlight specific aspects or provide live coverage of key events – we shoulder that burden on your behalf.

Our Approach

If you have chosen to participate at a particular event, we analyse the audience you expect to attract and create content strategies that involve on-ground engagement as well as event-related updates.

From interviews and live video to pre-event buzz and post-event highlights, we help you attack each event with a well-rounded marketing strategy.