A much needed Update for the Instagram Partner Program

It’s been a while since Instagram launched Instagram Partners – where a bunch of experts would toil through the day to make partner businesses grow on Instagram.

These partners had their areas of specialization:

  • Ad Tech
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing.

An example of the results: Instagram’s specialists helped House of Blues Entertainment achieve 64% higher return on investments and helped the brand expand to 40-different venues in the USA – all in just 13-days!

The Partner Program Today

In just 6-months, Instagram took that partner program to 50-specialists, but the big update is that their partners are no longer limited to just those three verticals mentioned above.

Instagram Partners now has “Media Buying” partners as a new vertical they are offering specialists in.

The idea is simple – if you are planning to advertise on Instagram and want to spend your money on the right things, then there’s nothing better than letting an expert help you find your way around.

Advertising on any platform can be profitable or disastrous, depending on how you work the platform.

If you plan to get your hands dirty on Instagram through advertising, it’s better to have someone who knows the platform to show you the way.

For those who aren’t already associated with an agency that specializes in this department, the risk of losing money on low-impact Instagram advertising is very high.

Minimizing that risk requires expertise and these Instagram Partners, though limited in their numbers, are clearly the way to go to improve returns on investments.

That said, the provision of hiring a media buyer is only available for US-based accounts at the moment.

So the rest of the world will still have to wait their turn.

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