Wholegrain Digital

The client is one of the biggest WordPress design and development agencies based out of London, England. When it comes to WordPress website design and development in the UK, the company has led the industry in quality of design, creativity and technical expertise.


  • England
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland


The client was looking for an agency to partner with, to support their WordPress-based design and development services with digital marketing services. Their primary objective was to find a reliable and effective agency that could provide their clients with a variety of digital services.

Their secondary objective was to assess their pipeline of digital marketing projects and consider the possibility of setting up a digital marketing department in-house.


Based on our assessment of their existing pipeline, we allocated two (2) digital marketing professionals to the client’s projects, supervised by a project manager.

Following 12-months of engagement, a third resource was added on an as-needed basis to manage project requirements.

Towards the end of our three-year engagement with their client, they reached the conclusion that an in-house department was the optimal approach and we provided support to help them achieve that objective.


  • Over 25-clients were serviced during the three-year period
  • Over 60-projects were completed with a whopping 87% repeat customer rate
  • We helped the client assess their resource requirement for setting up their in-house department
  • Processes and tools were recommended, with implementation support, to ease the transition process