Wendy’s is the third-largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world. The company has over 6500 locations around the world and is chasing down the likes of Burger King and McDonald’s.

Known for bringing in some of the most fascinating innovations to the fast food industry, like salad bars and stations specifically designed for certain food types, they continue to plough through the fast food industry like a juggernaut.


  • South Africa


Wendy’s was making their first attempt to launch their restaurants in South Africa. They were looking for a digital partner to provide support on the launch, especially in dissemination of press releases and overall digital media strategy.


The client wanted to focus on live-events and promotions, while only using the digital channel as a supporting actor in the entire launch. As a result, our role was limited to generating digital content and identifying key influencers to promote the brand.

Unfortunately, the client was unable to sustain their position in the market, failing to attract enough individuals in a tight economic situation, while using traditional marketing methodologies.


  • Lack of access to the client’s analytics data meant that we were unable to quantify our performance