is a website that reviews health and fitness supplements available around the world. The website has been created by fitness enthusiasts and reviews are written by individuals who are part of the fitness industry in one form or another.

The website also invites user contributions, focussing on quality reviews rather than simply filling content on their website.


  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • European Union


During the launch, the client was looking for a digital marketing agency to create a base-set of content for their website launch.

The idea behind the soft launch was to appear like a website that has been around for a while.


We were involved in publishing high quality content, meeting an extremely precise client-brief and delivering a super-specific tone with each review.

Once the client was satisfied with the quality and quantity of content created, they entrusted us with the task of finding influencers in the industry willing to write for their website, and provide basic training on the WordPress platform, brand guideline and writing style where required.


  • Over a 2-month pre-launch period, we created 104 pieces of content for the client in various formats
  • Key influencers were identified and, later, formed associations with the client to continue producing unbiased content about health products and supplements