SRM Energy

SRM Energy is one of India’s largest producers or power and energy. The company runs a 2000MW coal power plant and is on route to become one of the major private players in the Indian power industry.

As part of the Spice Energy Group, they are led by a team of seasoned, high net worth individuals who are also on the boards of numerous other large organizations in India and abroad.


  • India


The client wanted a digital agency to come in and create a simple website, high quality content and a new format/design for their investor and shareholder documents.


Every member of the board of directors and management team was interviewed, and a profile was created to represent them on various digital and non-digital platforms.

The company profile along with the website was created with a simplistic structure and a need to maintain uniformity with other group company websites. Corporate profiles, shareholder documents and annual report templates were created.


  • There were no specific quantifiable marketing objectives besides creating the overall corporate profile in alignment with their brand image