Sports Pundit

SportsPundit is one of the world’s largest sports community website that’s dedicated to sports fans. It has one of the world’s largest publicly available sports databases, as well as social betting on match results.

It also has news articles, reviews of matches, match results and a forum where sports fans can gather to discuss their favourite sporting events.


  • Sweden
  • European Union


The client was looking for a digital agency that could create high quality, in-depth articles to populate their website.


At a time where quantity of content was ruling the search engine charts, the key was to not lose quality while producing a high quantity of digital content.

Over the course of 6-years, we produced over 5000-pieces of digital content including athlete profiles, team profiles and sports news.

In our history with digital marketing, they were the second company that chose to work with us, way back in 2007.


  • Content quantity led to top rankings on search engines, leading to a heavy inflow of traffic (exact figures unknown)
  • Content quality led to an increase in memberships (exact figures unknown)
  • The growth of the company made it interesting to other high-value individuals, eventually leading to a sale