Spice Gas

Spice Gas is the Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas arm of the Spice Energy Group. Spice Gas has the sole rights to sell, promote and market LPG cylinders in 5-Indian states.

The company also holds the rights to distribute LPG cylinders in all 7-North Eastern states of India. The company is in the process of setting up an LPG bottling plant, which will help the company become one of the largest LPG companies in India.


  • India


The client wanted a digital agency to come in and create a simple website, high quality content and a new format/design for their investor and shareholder documents.


The client had a number of high net worth individuals on their board of directors and management team – each member had to be interviewed and their profile created thereafter.

The company profile along with the website was created with a focus on functionality and a simplistic structure. Corporate profiles, shareholder documents and annual report templates were created.


  • There were no quantifiable outcomes to the project – the marketing properties were created in alignment with their brand image