Peachy Holiday

Peachy Holiday is a travel and tourist-information website based out of Athens, Greece. Originally created as, the website focussed only on travel and tourism information related to the Greek islands.

After gaining a strong reputation for being one of the biggest and best travel websites about Greece, they expanded to other parts of Europe and, today, have information about major tourist destinations on six-continents.


  • Greece
  • European Union


The client had a travel and bookings business that also offered website design, graphic design and photography services.

They wanted to help promote other businesses by focussing on travel-articles that not only highlighted notable businesses, but also promoting every single inch of the Greek Islands like no one else had in the past.


Official the first client that we ever worked with, and Peachy Holiday became one of our biggest success stories.

Over a 7-year period, we created over 4,000 blog posts and articles for the company, while helping them boost their website traffic through social media posts as well.


  • Client reached traffic numbers of over 10 million per year
  • Over 1500 businesses were served through the website