Lost Lettermen

Lost Lettermen was a website dedicated to former college basketball and football players. The website’s primary purpose was to track the lives and records of these former college athletes and try to find out what they are doing now.

The website had a database of over 150,000 athletes and was sold in 2015, before being shut down in 2017.


  • United States of America


The client had two primary objectives: to create high quality, well-researched digital content about former college athletes and to create a user-friendly, content-rich website.


While the client was getting the website developed by another agency, we helped identify bottlenecks and optimize the overall user experience.

The digital content created was simple but required extensive research. We also helped the client identify key influencers who began using the website as a form of research for their own articles or videos.


  • We helped the client create a major chunk of their athlete database over the course of 2-years
  • The popularity of the content made the business attractive to potential buyers, eventually leading to a sale