Lassar is a company that manufactures ceramic knives and other cutting implements for the kitchen. Their speciality is their product range that has knives and blades made with Zirconia – the second hardest material known after diamonds.

Their knives are lightweight, hold their edge 10x better than steel knives and do not rust.


  • New Zealand
  • South Africa


Based out of South Africa, the client wanted a digital marketing team to setup their website, create their website content and setup their social media accounts. They would, then, take over marketing of their website.


After meeting all the client’s requirements – setting up the website, creating content and connecting with social media – the client asked us to continue creating additional digital content for their blog until they had more arrangements in place.


  • The client’s website was designed to become a B2B lead generation tool and lowered their Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Our digital marketing team helped the client on-board their digital marketing team and setup their processes without losing out on revenue during the setup process