Landmark Worldwide

Landmark Worldwide is an international personal and professional growth training and development company.

The company organizes a wide range of lectures, courses, seminars and forums where innovative, effective and relevant methodologies help people bring about major changes in their personal and professional lives.


  • South Africa


As a company that deals with people on a personal and individual level, the client wanted to build a digital presence that had a 1-to-1 feel to it.


We were required to create engagement ideas for social media, work on the overall digital marketing strategy and create social media guidelines for their employees.

We created their online sales funnels, optimized their website and helped them generate leads through social media marketing.

We also provided them with minor training on some best practices and ran their online advertising campaigns while showing their digital team the ropes.


  • The client was able to grow and develop their social media channels into a lead-generation platform
  • They inducted our email marketing strategy to nurture and convert their customers