IpcoWeb is a digital marketing company that provides small organizations with digital marketing and web development services. The company was one of the first South African organizations that introduced the latest digital marketing concepts to the South African market.


  • South Africa


The client was starting out in a realm where there was little in terms of maps or guidelines for the South African market.

They required a back-end office to help them through the initial steps of dealing with clients by outsourcing their services.


We came in with the experience and expertise in helping the client setup their in-house processes and handle clients looking for digital marketing services.

For a period of 3-years, we worked with the client as their back-office, while they learnt about the digital marketing industry through participation in the projects they provided to us.

At the end of our association, the client had setup their own digital marketing resources in-house, and with our help, learnt how to constantly upgrade their skills in the digital marketing space.


  • We worked with the client on over 100-digital marketing projects, providing all kinds of services from email marketing and content generation to social media marketing and online media buying