Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds and improves homes for families who require decent, adorable housing.

Habitat for Humanity provides homes to families in need in 18-countries across the Asia-Pacific region, building a new home every 21-minutes. Since 1983, the organization has built homes for 2.4million individuals.


  • South Africa
  • Philippines


The client was looking for a digital agency to manage a small housing development project based out of the Philippines. The project was part of a larger, global digital campaign and they were sub-contracting agencies to handle specific regions.


We worked with Habitat for Humanity to create a series of social media updates focussing for a housing project based in the Philippines. Content was created in the form of blog articles and videos, supplemented by corresponding social media updates.

Our primary contribution, besides creating and publishing updates related to the project, was to improve targeting techniques by focussing on data, analytics and analysis.


  • The client’s engagement metric results were exceeded by 21%
  • Their donation-goal for the project was reached 28-days ahead of schedule