First Touch Apps

First Touch, later renamed to iSpark, is a mobile team-communication app that provides teams, groups and communities with a one-stop solution to all their communication needs. Members of a team can message each other, send directions to locations; create events for everyone to see; make phone calls; send emails; share documents, and even record attendance/RSVPs through the app.


  • United States of America


The client had a two-phase plan:

  1. Phase One: With a mobile application already in place, First Touch wanted to create a new marketing website that would connect users to the app and allow new customers to sign-up for the app. The website would also contain an application that would allow user-account admins to connect to their back-end administrative console and manage their team’s/groups’ mobile application.
  2. Phase Two: The client wanted to utilize digital marketing channels to support their live event participation as well as market their product (and its features) to potential and existing customers


In Phase One, we designed and created the entire spectrum of responsive First Touch app websites. Using a mobile first approach, the team worked hard to accommodate client requests while delivering an efficient browsing experience to visitors. The entire suite of websites was created using HTML5, Bootstrap, Handlebars, JQuery, SASS and Gulp.

Using the design as a template, created dynamically loaded variations of the First Touch website for the sport specific versions of the app. Further, Apache virtual hosts files were used on the server side and Handlebars/Javascript on the front end to show dynamic content based on URL. All the websites were deployed through SSH to a private virtual server using Git.

In Phase Two, we identified key channels where content generated would reach the target audience and draw engagement. The client chose to curate Internet content to lower their blog-management costs, while email campaigns and event-related promotions on social media saw the app’s user base grow.


  • App user base grew by over 40,000 within 6-months