CALS Refinery

CALS Refinery is India’s third-largest oil refining and petrochemical company from the private sector. The company was founded in 1984 as Computer Aided Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd – developing bilingual computer systems.

After an IPO in 1994, the company moved into the petrochemical industry, partnering with the Spice Energy Group, closing-down its bilingual computer business to focus solely on oil refining and petroleum production.


  • India


CALS Refinery, following their transition to the petrochemical industry, had never undergone a branding exercise.

All branding exercises had been limited to corporate identity re-design, including logos, business cards, letterheads and the like.

The company wanted to stay abreast with the competition and give their brand a digital facelift.


The project required our involvement in two major aspects – First, to setup the organization’s website, optimize it for search engines; create marketing funnels, and create corporate brochures (design and content) as well as other important document templates.

The second aspect of our job involved training their in-house staff on Digital Marketing principles, monitoring their performance over the first 2-months before handing over complete control of Digital Marketing strategy, tasks and reporting/analysis to their in-house team.


  • Over a 30-day period, the client underwent a complete brand-revamp
  • The client setup their internal digital marketing team with an emphasis on B2B email marketing