Birlasoft (India) Ltd.

The client is a $500 million, publicly listed Enterprise IT and Digital Company based out of the National Capital Territory, India. They are part of the $2 billion CK Birla Group and are amongst the top-100 IT companies in the world.


  • India


The client was revamping their website and divided that process into two parts:

  • Phase I: Website content, corporate profile and service descriptions
  • Phase II: Case studies, white papers and technical documentation


While the project requirements were self-explanatory, the process of obtaining information and creating content required extensive planning.

The main challenges were:

  1. Creating bios for senior management through interviews – availability delayed process
  2. Gathering service-specific information from department representatives
  3. Gathering project specific requirements for case studies and white papers

A team of 3-digital professionals was dedicated to the task of procuring data from key department stakeholders and compiling it to create content matching the brand image of a company of their stature.

We not only provided high quality technical content that targeted a specific audience (senior management at Fortune 1000 companies), we also helped them design templates and prepare train an in-house team to take over digital content generation.


  • Clients website content was created and uploaded within 3-months – primarily delayed due to lack of timely access to senior management personnel
  • Over 114 case studies, white papers and other technical documentation were created within 7-days