Atelier Anonyme

An award-winning interior and structural design house based out of New Delhi, India.


  • India


Atelier Anonyme wanted a website that matched their cool, crazy work style. They were super-focused on maintaining a particular brand image, and their founders want their love for comic-books, cartoons and movies to become a part of their website design.

While capturing the founders’ desire to mimic cartoon-style animation was important, even more so was hand-creating specific elements that would highlight their interests while also working as a website over and above everything else.


Blue Krill created a website that offered an animated, interactive user experience. The Atelier Anonyme website was made entirely in Adobe Flash, contained tiny hand-made elements from pop-culture icons like Calvin & Hobbes, Star Wars and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, while playing the traditional role of displaying their portfolio.


  • The (mostly) black-and-white website would go on to win over 12-different website awards and was also nominated for the FWA Best Website – People Choice