Alicia Adams Alpaca

Alicia Adams Alpaca is a family-run textile business that produces and designs textile and clothing from Alpaca Wool – one of the rarest forms of wool found on Earth.

The company owns and breeds Suri Alpacas, a rare breed of the South American camels, and produces an annual crop of wool that is used to produce some of the most stunning designs in the wool clothing world.


  • United States of America
  • North America
  • South America


The client runs an online store where they display and sell their products. Their design agency wanted a web application development company to come in and provide maintenance services, troubleshooting everyday-problems and managing their server.


We were brought in as a sub-contractor by the company that had designed the Alicia Adams Alpaca website.

Our role was to test the website, perform a server clean-up, activate/deactivate server processes to improve efficiency and ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.


  • Over a 5-day period, we cleaned out the client’s server, streamlined the processes and secured the website with additional tools as demanded by a top-quality eCommerce website