We all install that tiny strip of code on our websites, the kind that starts recording analytics data or heatmaps. However, our analysis of that data remains limited to traffic numbers, page visits or time on page and comparing it with past data.

Analysis goes a bit deeper than that!

Analysis is about removing unpredictability from your customers’ interactions with your website. It is about improving conversion rates by identifying traffic patterns and modifying the website or application to reach the desired objective.

Our Approach

There are two aspects of analytics that are important – the right tools and the right metrics. Identifying metrics that are key to your brand’s conversion rate optimization allows us to choose the right tools for the task.

However, the right tools or metrics merely do not equate to a successful digital strategy – analytical knowledge plays a huge role!

With over 400-digital marketing projects and 200-clients from 18-countries behind us over the last 12-years, we have the expertise required to mine data and use it to reach the right conclusions. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for if you know where to look!