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Hello! We are Blue Krill.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that develops creative marketing campaigns aimed at providing value to your customers and delivering ROI for your brand!

Our objective is to create digital strategies that blur the lines of creativity and innovation, while providing you tangible, desirable outcomes through agile execution.

Established in 2007, we have a rich history of serving some big names in the technology, consumer electronics and automobiles industries, to name a few, and are one of the foremost digital agencies in South East Asia.

Know us better

Some metrics that define who we are!

200+ Clients, 18 Countries

We've worked with over 200 clients from 18-different countries

400+ Digital Projects

We've worked on over 400 projects since our inception as a digital agency

85% Repeat Customer Rate

Over 85% of our customers come back to us for at least one more project

Given our obsession with your data, it's only fair that we share our numbers with you!

To align digital strategy with your business objectives, you need a digital partner who understands the environment, understands your target audience, and can effectively identify and deploy the right tools at the right time!

Using Paid Media as a traffic-driving tool is a one-dimensional approach to a multi-dimensional tool. From SEO strategy to Website Optimization, there's so much more we can do with Paid Media.

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are a great place to network and generate leads, but is your brand selling itself short by only selling to those who attend those events? We know how to squeeze even more value for your brand!

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, maximizing returns from each visitor is another. We not only help you lower your Cost of Traffic Acquisition, our conversion optimization strategies will drop your Customer Acquisition Costs like never before!

Sure, you might collect all kinds of analytics data for your brand, but using data to create accurate segmentation, identify key metrics and connecting them to business objectives is what we do best. It's not about how much data you collect, but what you do with it that matters!

Everyone knows what it means to be social in their personal lives. However, the moment it comes to your brand, somehow your approach changes. We are here to show you that social media works for your brand and business in much the same way it does for you!

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